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Yoann Bonato Clinches Dramatic Victory at Rally Islas Canarias 2024


In an exhilarating conclusion to the Rally Islas Canarias, French rally driver Yoann Bonato, alongside co-driver Benjamin Boulloud, clinched a narrow victory, finishing just 2.8 seconds ahead of compatriot Mathieu Franceschi. The Rally Islas Canarias, known for its challenging tarmac stages and stunning scenery, lived up to its reputation as a highlight of the FIA European Rally Championship (ERC) calendar.

Final Standings
1. Yoann Bonato (FRA) – 1:57:18.8 sec
2. Mathieu Franceschi (FRA) – +2.8 sec
3. Alejandro Cachón (ESP) – +29.7 sec
4. Diego Ruiloba (ESP) – +32.4 sec
5. Jose Antonio Suarez (ESP) – +35.3 sec
6. Hayden Paddon (NZL) – +40.9 sec

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Event Highlights
– Bonato’s Stellar Performance: Dominating much of the rally, Bonato showcased his skill and experience, managing to hold off a fierce challenge from Franceschi in the final stages. His victory marks back-to-back wins at Rally Islas Canarias, reinforcing his status as a top contender in the ERC.

– Franceschi’s Strong Showing: Franceschi continued his impressive form, securing a close second and further solidifying his lead in the championship standings with 55 points. His performance underscores his growing proficiency on asphalt and positions him as a significant threat for the championship title.

– Cachón’s Podium Finish: Spanish driver Alejandro Cachón delivered a remarkable performance, securing his first ERC podium. His efforts in the Power Stage were particularly notable, earning him maximum additional points.

– Junior ERC Classification: The Junior ERC saw a Swedish sweep at the top with M. Johansson taking the win followed by C. Carlberg, showcasing the emerging talent in the rally world.

Tyre Suppliers’ Championship
Michelin continues to lead the Tyre Suppliers’ Championship with 108 points, demonstrating the effectiveness and reliability of their products in the high-stakes environments of rally racing.

Power Stage Excitement
The Power Stage added an extra layer of competition, with Cachón grabbing the top spot. The stage proved crucial for additional championship points and saw intense performances from several drivers aiming to maximize their gains.

Reflecting on the Rally
The Rally Islas Canarias once again proved its worth as one of the most challenging and picturesque events on the rally calendar. Drivers navigated a mix of high-speed sections and technically demanding turns, all while managing the ever-present challenge of maintaining tire integrity across the abrasive tarmac.

As the rally circuit moves forward, the performances at Islas Canarias will undoubtedly influence the strategies and confidence of the top contenders. Bonato’s victory here not only adds a significant win to his record but also injects excitement into the championship race, setting up a thrilling contest as the season progresses.