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Solberg Clinches Victory at Royal Rally of Scandinavia


VÄRMLAND, Sweden — The Bauhaus Royal Rally of Scandinavia concluded with Oliver Solberg securing a stunning victory, maintaining his lead from start to finish. The young Swede demonstrated remarkable skill and consistency, winning every stage and ultimately finishing with a total time of 1:26:45.4, 38 seconds ahead of Finland’s Mikko Heikkilä.

The rally, which is the sixth round of the European Rally Championship, saw intense competition and challenging conditions. Solberg faced significant pressure throughout but managed to hold his nerve, particularly during the final stages. “It is an amazing feeling. A lot of pressure going into the weekend, you want to win again after last year. Yesterday was a terrible feeling but today was good control, good speed and a relief!” Solberg commented.

Hayden Paddon of New Zealand finished in third place, 51 seconds behind Solberg, after battling with wheel damage on the Power Stage. Paddon expressed his frustration at missing out on the top spots, saying, “Given away points this year, we’re giving away points.”

Mikko Heikkilä was pleased with his podium finish, especially after a tough rally season. He narrowly secured second place after Mathieu Franceschi rolled out in the final stage. Heikkilä reflected, “It feels really nice to be honest, after a very difficult period of rally for me it feels like a win. Sorry for Franceschi. It’s a very tough event, I don’t blame myself at all that we couldn’t match the speed of Solberg and Paddon, they are really professional drivers.”

The Power Stage saw Solberg again at the top with a time of 5:55.4, earning him maximum points. Heikkilä followed closely, and Mads Østberg finished third on the Power Stage.

Final Classification

  1. O. Solberg (SWE) – 1:26:45.4
  2. M. Heikkilä (FIN) – +38.0s
  3. H. Paddon (NZL) – +51.0s
  4. F. T. Larsen (NOR) – +1:28.7
  5. M. Østberg (NOR) – +1:33.8
  6. M. Sesks (LAT) – +1:41.7

Power Stage Classification

  1. O. Solberg (SWE) – 5:55.4 (5 points)
  2. M. Heikkilä (FIN) – +1.27s (4 points)
  3. M. Østberg (NOR) – +2.45s (3 points)
  4. F. T. Larsen (NOR) – +2.57s (2 points)
  5. M. Marczyk (POL) – +5.07s (1 point)

Junior ERC Final Classification

  1. M. Johansson (SWE) – 1:43:02.6
  2. C. Carlberg (SWE) – +32.6s
  3. K. Sei (EST) – +2:05.9
  4. D. Polášek (CZE) – +3:02.7
  5. T. Schulz (GER) – +3:44.3
  6. P. Herczig (HUN) – +3:49.5

Tyres Championship Standings

  1. Michelin – 151 points
  2. Pirelli – 131 points
  3. MRF Tyres – 90 points
  4. Hankook – 56 points

Drivers’ Championship Standings

  1. Mathieu Franceschi (FRA) – 56 points
  2. Hayden Paddon (NZL) – 56 points
  3. Simone Tempestini (ROU) – 40 points
  4. Oliver Solberg (SWE) – 35 points
  5. Yoann Bonato (FRA) – 32 points
  6. Mads Østberg (NOR) – 31 points


  1. Oliver Solberg [SWE], Elliott Edmondson [SWE]
  2. Mikko Heikkilä [FIN], Kristian Temonen [FIN]
  3. Hayden Paddon [NZL], John Kennard [NZL]

The rally now moves to Delfi Rally Estonia from July 5th-7th, promising more thrilling action as the European Rally Championship continues. Stay tuned for more updates and live coverage!