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Rally Islas Canarias Kicks Off with Thrills and Spills in Opening Stage


The highly anticipated Rally Islas Canarias got underway with a dynamic first special stage (SS1) that left competitors and fans buzzing with excitement. The event, known for its challenging courses and vibrant atmosphere, did not disappoint as drivers tackled the unique challenges of the basketball arena turned rally stage.

Opening Highlights
The stage saw a variety of performances from seasoned professionals and eager newcomers alike. The arena, transformed into a rally circuit, tested the drivers with its slippery surface and tight corners. The challenge was particularly pronounced for those in two-wheel-drive vehicles, with several drivers commenting on the difficulty of navigating the roundabout and managing cold tyres at the start.

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Junior ERC Drivers Shine
The Junior ERC category was a hotbed of activity, with young drivers showing both nerves and skill. Oprea described the stage as a “unique experience” and expressed eagerness to tackle it again with newfound knowledge. Carlberg found the stage “difficult but fun,” noting the helpful distraction of his co-driver’s singing during the more tense moments.

Veteran Insights
Seasoned drivers like Perez and Paddon brought a mix of disappointment and determination to the stage. Perez spoke of a less-than-ideal start but remained hopeful for improvement, while Paddon, looking to make amends for previous setbacks, was energized by the supportive crowd and the prospect of the upcoming stages.

Technical Challenges and Incidents
The stage was not without its technical difficulties. Monzón faced significant setbacks with visible damage to his vehicle, impacting his performance and demonstrating the unforgiving nature of the rally environment. This incident served as a stark reminder of the fine line between aggression and control in rally racing.

Looking Forward
As the drivers look ahead, the focus shifts to the more demanding stages of the rally. With the initial jitters out of the way, competitors are poised to push their limits and vie for top positions. The rally promises more action and drama, as the challenging Canary Island roads await the daring and the bold.

Stay tuned for more updates as Rally Islas Canarias continues to unfold, promising high speeds, strategic drama, and potentially unpredictable weather, adding an extra layer of excitement to the competition.